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Why can't me and my partner communicate?

The most common complaint with married couples is lack of communication.  Many couples would rather put up with problems than try to fix them.  Instead of focusing on the real issue, you both probably spend majority of the time trying to get your points across. This is called Blame Shifting (which is one of the many communication lessons covered in detail in The Complete Marriage Course).

My partner doesn't respect my boundaries?

It’s not uncommon for one partner to try to change the other.  Whether it’s how they dress, their beliefs, or their sexual preferences, trying to change your partner will feel like a personal invasion and may trigger defensive behaviors.  Not respecting boundaries can destroy trust in your marriage.  The result is likely to be resentment or withdrawal from the relationship.

What can I do about a lack of intimacy in my marriage?

There are many reasons couples lose interest in sex–including medical problems to emotional stress.  Generally, a lack of intimacy triggers a vicious cycle where you find it difficult to want sex because you feel emotionally distant from your partner. To get past your sexual indifference, start with the inequality you feel in the household (whether it be physical or emotional support.)

How do I get past emotional or physical infidelity?

Most couples that go through infidelity of any kind never discuss the real issues. They bypass their true feelings and assume everything will pass. In this case, it is critical to talk about your feelings. Also, you need to decide if you are willing to authentically forgive before moving forward.

How do we stop fighting over money?

Disagreements about money are inevitable in a marriage.  To avoid this, it’s important that you and your partner understand each other’s money mindset. This will allow you to anticipate money arguements. Also, the best thing you can do is to agree and commit to a family budget.

What do I do about a selfish partner?

If one partner constantly places their needs above the other, it’s only a matter of time before the neglected partner begins to feel rejected and unloved.  The best course of action is to discuss your concerns openly and respectfully hold each other accountable to change.

Can my marriage survive with value differences?

When couples have value differences, such as religious preferences, that can cause serious problems.  It can also cause division with how their children are raised. Other differences include parenting styles, sexual differences, and moral gaps.  All of which are covered in the course. 

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